Who Peju has worked with:

Peju Oshin AFHEA is an Educator and Curator whose practice centres around the exploration of liminality, feelings and process through socially engaged practice and research. She currently works at Tate as an Assistant Curator, is an Associate Lecturer and Tutor on the MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries course at Central Saint Martins. Further to this, she is an active member of the Museum Detox network. Peju was one of the co-organisers of the FlashMob at The Museum of London in 2016. Additionally, Peju is a trustee of Peckham Platform (appointed 2018), and most recently, a Judge for the 2019 Cultural residency at the Institute of Imagination.

Pejus background in art, architecture & design underpins her career in the cultural sector. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to projects is essential, whilst simultaneously weaving in vital space for reflective practice. Building trust amongst her audiences and with clients and collaborators, she works alongside them to identify their needs and develop processes that make sense for the individual.

Further to this, her work in various cultural spaces has given her access and the space to rethink our everyday use and engagement with collections and archives. She leads the first Young Curators Group at Barbican in exploring and developing an understanding of curatorial practice and archiving skills.

Having recently completed a PgCert at UAL in Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication she has a good understanding of pedagogies to support learning in Higher Education spaces. As part of the course, Peju developed an independent research project centred around Bauhaus pedagogy and its influences on the contemporary art school. She continues to develop work alongside other research projects focused on art and culture. The latter speaks to her wider interests in exploring and applying knowledge from multiple disciplines informing her approach to education and curating.

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