Kids In Museums Takeover Day at London Transport Museum

This project was managed by Peju and developed alongside London Transport Museum’s ‘16/17 Young Freelancers to celebrate Kids in Museums Takeover Day which is marked nationally each year. Through the medium of conversation, we took four statements, one from each Young Freelancer in response to their position as young people in the Heritage and Culture sector as a starting point:

 ‘Museums and Galleries allow people to learn in different ways”

 “I hope to try and change the culture and get rid of the stigma that these spaces are only for one type of person”

“I want to bring a new perspective into the sector and help diversify it”

“I want to make it more accessible…there are some attempts from museums and galleries but they’re not always successful”

Using these initial conversations as a starting point, themes of collaboration, re-imagining the museum space and its collection were identified as areas for development. The Takeover Day provided an opportunity for the Young Freelancers to highlight and share their skillsets as well as their personal connections to LTM’s collection through a programmed afternoon of activity for arts professionals.

The overarching theme of the ‘quintessential’ tea party considers the iconic status of London’s transport system displayed in the museum. All five senses senses were engaged to give new meaning and understanding to the collection. Participants took part in unconventional tours and activities, followed by the creation of bespoke teas in response to items in the collection. We worked with independent artisan tea makers The Kettle shed to realise the event. 

Additionally, the Young Freelancers were keen to include social media as an aspect of the experience using the hashtag #PuttingTheTinTransport on the day to keep the conversation going online as well as a voting system to determine which team (headed up by a Young Freelancer) had created the best transport themed tea.

The activities became a catalyst for conversations about how arts professionals can move beyond typical ways of engagement with museum collections.