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Commonality Talk(s) connects communities and ideas. We talk with individuals and communities to create a global understanding.

 We want you to collaborate with people and provide a space to express feelings and opinions about situations and issues we share as a collective. We’re building a community of thinkers and doers because community matters.

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September 2016 Event

The Education Gap took place as in intervention to speak about the difficulty and challenges being faced by those in education.

The event took place at Peckham Pelican and was attended by people from a range of professions including; Teachers, Artists, Lecturers, Museum Educators, Youth Workers, Journalists and Psychologists. The Education Gap was developed in response to reports of the possible introduction of new Grammar Schools in London. and involved audience participation with people sharing experiences, anecdotes and offering up nuggets of advice for how attendees could support the young people they encounter in their various capacities.

You have to make sure that any young person you encounter you can leave them with something that will help them get that motivation from somewhere.

Jasmine Ennis

You get into the class and speak to the student and realise, you know what you’re actually a really cool kid, but you’ve been misunderstood and you’ve been mislabelled. People haven’t taken the time out to get to know you and your strengths, because not every child is going to be academic, some children are artistic, creative or sports focused. It’s about taking the time out as a mentor, an adult, a teacher and saying this is what is best for the child and I just don’t think that gets done enough…


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