ASSEMBLY 2019 - Tate Modern

Role: Assistant Curator

ASSEMBLY is a large-scale schools event which invited 1500 school children and their teachers from across London to participate in a take-over style event at Tate Modern on Thursday 13 June 2019 taking the question Why Study Art? as a starting point. This iteration of the event built on the momentum of ASSEMBLY 2016 and ASSEMBLY 2018 to champion the right to a critically engaged arts education for all young people.

The day offered encounters with four artists across the Blavatnik Building for the specially invited audience between 10:00 - 13:00 as well as each school being allocated an A is For… artist-devised student resource. To respond to the question Why Study Art? we worked with three young artists who shared their developing practice through practical and dialogical activations across the Blavatnik Building. Additionally, we worked with artist Gary Stewart who performed a live VJ set throughout the day in the Turbine Hall which was broadcasted into the Natalie Bell Building. The set included a live feeding in of audio and visuals from the event as well as images and music which spoke to themes of protest, ownership and autonomy which were explored through the artist-devised resources.